About the Town of South Hill

South Hill's name is derived from its location - just south of "the little mountain."

South Hill location mapIt is one of only three towns in the nation to be originally planned and developed in a circular pattern, extending 5/8 mile in all directions from a center point. We're a thriving, rapidly-growing community located in Mecklenburg County in south-central Virginia near the North Carolina state line halfway between the state capitals of Richmond, VA and Raleigh, NC (80 miles each).

It is also about halfway between the Atlantic Ocean (on the east) and the Blue Ridge Mountains (on the west).
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The Town is in the Eastern Standard time zone, at latitude 36.726 N. and longitude 78.129 W. Our convenient location makes it easy to reach popular destinations such as Historic Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Washington, DC.

Since its beginning as a railroad town in 1889, South Hill has continued to be known for its ideal location. Today, the Town is easily accessible by a highway network consisting of Interstate 85, U.S. Route 58, U.S. Route 1 and Highway 47. South Hill is also only six miles away from the Mecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport.

aerialAerial view of Town of South Hill - click to enlargeIncorporated by the Virginia General Assembly on February 16, 1901, South Hill has always been known for its tobacco industry, and the Town is presently the third largest market in Virginia. But over the past few years, a significant growth in manufacturing and trade has diversified the Town's economy.

The Town's growth is enhanced by its proximity to two nearby lakes, Kerr Lake (Buggs Island Lake) and Lake Gaston, both of which are created by the John H. Kerr Dam, which generates an average of 426,749,000 kilowatt hours per year. With over 1,150 combined miles of shoreline, tourist trade and a booming real estate market serve to fuel our Town's growth.

The natural beauty of the lakes and a relaxed lifestyle to match make living in this unique region a gratifying experience.


Distance to Major Cities

Durham, NC 72
Raleigh, NC 77
Richmond, VA 82
Greensboro, NC 123
Hampton Roads, VA 130
Roanoke, VA 168
Washington, DC 188
Baltimore, MD 234